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  1. The Gateway - Universal City Magazine

    The Gateway, Universal City news, Universal City magazine, Universal City newsletter

  2. Alarm Permits

  3. Residential Brush Removal

    Change in Brush Pick-Up Schedule for 2014

  4. Residential Recycling Service

  5. CPS Energy Utility Assistance

    Energy conservation and payment assistance

  6. Community College

    higher education, community college, education, continuing education

  7. Community Videos

    videos, Community

  8. Freedom Saver Coupons

    Access the Randolph Area Freedom Saver magazine online for the most recent coupons available in the area.

  9. Home Improvement

    contruction, home improvement, repairs, irrigation, building projects, sheds

  10. Library

    Link to the library and library activities

  11. Parks

  12. Appliance Rebate Program

    State energy efficiency appliance rebate program

  13. School Districts

    schools, elementary, Junior High, High School, education

  14. Taxes

    Property Tax, ad velorem tax, tax rates, taxing units, taxes

  15. Tree Clearance Requirements

    Diagram showing the required height of trees over sidewalks and streets.

  16. Utilities

    water, sewer, electricity, gas

  17. Universal City Videos

    videos, parks, community, police, education, real estate

  18. Resident Trash Clean-Up

    Twice a year, Universal City residents are welcome to bring bulk trash and hazardous materials to Public Works for disposal.