Electricians/Solar Electricians

Print an application to register as an electrician.

Print the Electrical Permit for your project.

Print the Solar Permit to submit with a solar project.  Be sure your submittal includes the the CPS Energy approval stamp before submitting the project to the City.

Print the Subcontractor Verification Letter: This letter is required for any electric contractor that is going to be listed as a subcontractor for a General Contractor or a Home Improvement Contractor for any project in the City of Universal City.

Electricians are reminded that the 2020 NEC became effective September 1, 2020.

Electricians are advised at effective September 1, 2017 registration fees for electricians will not be charged.  Electricians are still required to register with Universal City, only the registration fee is being waived.  New electrical permit fees will take effect starting September 6, 2017.