Heroes Boulevard Dedication

Heroes Boulevard Dedication

February 16, 2009

The City Council of Universal City designated Universal City Boulevard for honorary dedication as “Heroes Boulevard.” The ceremonial street designation took place on Monday, February 16, 2009, at the corner of Universal City Boulevard and Park Olympia.

The honorary designation was made to pay tribute to community heroes. While still in the planning stages, City Council members supplied a variety of definitions of heroes, including veterans, active duty service members, firefighters, policemen, emergency medical technicians, single parents who work multiple jobs to support their children, etc. The ultimate conclusion was that proposed new names such as Veterans Parkway, Defender Way, etc., simply would not encompass all those Council sought to recognize. Motion was made, seconded, and carried to designate Universal City Boulevard as “Heroes Boulevard.”

Twenty-four street signs were placed along the entire length of Universal City Boulevard, each intersection bearing the new honorary name of “Heroes Boulevard.”