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Register Your Business


  2. For reasons of public safety, the City of Universal requires business owners to register their businesses located within city limits. The City expects each business to register on an annual basis and update information as it changes. The City has a convenient online form for this purpose. Each year, individual businesses have January 1 to May 31 in which to register. Each business owner may register online or in person prior to May 31. If a business fails to register prior to June 1, the City of Universal City will collect the information and assess the business owner an administrative fee of $50.

  3. Universal City, Texas 78148

  4. The requested information will be used expressly for official City business and will not be shared with outside companies, agencies, or organizations.

  5. This form is not a substitute for registering alarms, certificates of occupancy, or any other required application with the City.
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