Residential Brush Removal

The City Council and staff have been working diligently to provide various means by which residents can dispose of brush. The flyers and exhibits listed below are provided to aide residents in determining the most effective methods of brush disposal. Some of the methods are fee-based and others are not.

For your convenience, a Brush Flyer has been created that outlines the methods and criteria for disposing of brush. The new collection guidelines will be effective November 1, 2014.

The City and its solid waste contractor understand that it is sometimes hard to measure the size of a Large Brush pile. Feel free to use the Brush Diagram as your guideline to ensure your Large Brush pile does not exceed 8 cubic yards.

For residents that want to make use of the one time per month Large Brush pile pick up, the Brush Zone schematic will assist you to ensure that you know your designated pick up week.

Brush Chipping is a great way to dispose of tree and brush trimmings. Residents can authorize the City to chip brush by completing the Brush Chipping Form.

While all Codes and Ordinances of the City are accessible through Municode, interested parties can view the complete solid waste ordinance that was passed on October 8, 2014 and goes into effect November 1, 2014.

Residents that have questions regarding trash collection and brush removal should contact Waste Management at (210) 368-5000. For residents interested in the Brush Chipping Services, contact the Public Works Department at (210) 658-5364. All Commercial Customers must contact Waste Management directly at (210) 368-5000.